Prune Your Ideas – a visualisation by Bryan M. Mathers

Over the last week or so I have been sharing some ideas about the process of generating and judging ideas. I was fortunate enough to receive the Tweet below from Bryan Mathers (@BryanMMathers) who shared his visualisation of the concepts.

You can take a look at a higher resolution copy of Bryan’s image below or on his blog here. Please note the creative commons licensing on it.


I like the idea of pruning as a representation of the way that we would judge our ideas in the latter stages of ideation. Carefully pulling away the dead wood to reveal the shoots with the most potential. Growing ideas is of course an easy representation of generating ideas too. Seeding as many as we can to see which would germinate.

Thanks to Bryan for taking the time to visualise my thinkery.

If you enjoyed this sort of thing you may also like this visualisation of a workshop I did in the US a while ago by @braddo.

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